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Applied Bioscience is one such exciting, young and FOCUSED company established in 1993 dedicated to serve the needs of its customers in the fields of molecular biology, proteomics, immunochemistry, cell culture, molecular & cancer diagnostics, regulatory compliance standards & controls, and plant tissue culture brand in India.

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"I have known Tushar for a long time and one of the the underlying chratacter that impressed me most is that he is a go getter. Tushar has a very keen eye for building relationships and I have had a wonderful personal and working relationship with him. I wish Tushar all the best for his future. "

Loui Madakamutil / Immunology Discovery

" Tushar is more of a scientist and less of a sales person. I will call him a technical entrepreneur. He is very positive, committed, humble and jovial all the time. He is a good networker, communicator, learning and a go getter. Overall a great person and a great friend to have on your side. "

Sandeep Saxena / Persistant Systems Ltd

"Tushar is a thorough gentleman and is very professional. I know him since when he was at Bangalore Genei. Even then he was an honest person with impeccable credentials and an unimpeachable integrity. Tushar will never compromise on his ethics to further his business interests and will walk the extra mile for customer support even if he doesnt have to once he has made a business deal. I wish him all the best in every endeavour of his. "

Indraneel Ghosh / Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company